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Deadlines & essays updated for 2021 intake

Chicago Booth Interview Questions


Chicago Booth Interview Preparation package

INR 7000
  1. Why MBA? Why now? Why Booth?
  2. Which is your favorite undergraduate course? Why?
  3. Tell me a book you recently read.
  4. How did you choose your industry and current job? Describe a regular day at your role?
  5. What are the differences you’ve found between different nationalities while working in a multinational?
  6. If you could change one thing about your current supervisor or Project Manager what would it be?
  7. What leadership experiences you have? How is your interaction day to day with your team?
  8. Are you aware of Chicago GSB's line of thought?
  9. What are your short term goals post Booth? Do you think Booth will help you achieve these goals?
  10. Mention your experience of working in teams. Have you ever dealt with a person who was difficult to work with?
  11. What is your biggest achievement at work and why do feel ? Why do you think it as an achievement?
  12. Have you ever faced a situation when you achieved something big but did not get credit for it?
  13. List some websites that you visit regularly.
  14. Which course would you definitely study at Booth and why?