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HEC Paris Interview Experience


HEC Paris Interview Preparation package

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HEC Paris Interview Experience 1

4yrs exp - Power & Energy, GMAT 690

I had 2 interviews with HEC Alums: 1 Telephonic and 1 Skype.

Telephonic Interview was with a 2011 Alum (Engagement Manager with Accenture)

1- The interview was a short one ~ 25 min without the 10 min ppt that I was supposed to present during the interview.
The questions were pretty much inline with those mentioned in the guide.
2- Tell me about yourself?
3- Why MBA? Why Now?
4- Why HEC? Why not ISB?
5- 1 Strength and 1 Weakness
6- I come from Oil & Gas background, so what are the innovations/technologies that major oil firms are focused on.

Overall, the interview was not really a conversational one and the interviewer seemed little short on time.

2. Skype Interview was with a recent alum.
The interview was more conversational and was ~70 minutes.
The interview started with me presenting the ppt.
Questions were based on the ppt itself and in the end I had to summarize why I chose the topic.

Interview questions were again the standard ones:
1- Tell me about yourself?
2- Why MBA? Why Now? Why HEC? Why not ISB, other schools like NUS, INSEAD, schools in UK, Canada etc.
3- Strengths and Weaknesses?
4- What is your leadership style?
5- Since you are leading team, What is it that your teammates like about you or hate about you?

There was not a lot of cross questioning and the entire interview was really engaging.

Overall, My 2nd interview was much better than the 1st one.