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HKU MBA Class profile, Fees, GMAT & Placements


Asia in its journey to become the hot hub of global business is creating tremendous opportunities for managers and entrepreneurs. There is no doubt you need a MBA programme to get prepared to make most of the expanding Asian market. HKU MBA (MBA programme from University of Hong Kong is exclusively designed for this purpose. University offers both full-time and part-time programme in accordance with dynamic business environment of the region and whole Asia. Systematic and scientific teaching method of HKU makes the candidates the effective and efficient decision makers and problem solvers.

Why to select HKU MBA?

There are several advantages in selecting HKU MBA. Some of them are follows.

  • Regional advantages: The program comes with strong China factor. International MBA degree of HKU is designed to assure the students with real world experience, high-standard education and in-depth knowledge of international business without forgetting the importance of cultural sensitivities. In simple terms HKU MBA help the student to build the career in the region or in any parts of the world considering Asia as the center of international business.
  • HKU MBA programs give strong importance to China factor within Asia. Thus makes the students to act in a professional and proficient way to the business environment of the region. Customized teaching materials, frequent visits to companies of the region, extensive knowledge of faculties about the local business, Chinese knowledge training and China business trips makes the students the masters in administering the business in China.
  • Another unique factor that differentiates HKU MBA from others is Asia Case Research Centre (ACRC). This develops rich business case studies. Teaching based on researches assure the students extra knowledge in emerging economics policies, business strategies, and financial development and management practices. For more information about ACRC you can visit
  • Worldwide Recognition: The Economist ranked HKU MBA 1st in Asia for third consecutive year.
  • Teaching Excellence: International faculty members are from diverse backgrounds and are rich in experiences. They take the modules in accordance with the latest business issues and trends. Professors of HKU perfectly combine the applied knowledge with theoretical insights to provide the students with balanced business education.
  • Global Vision: HKU is in sound partnership with the world famous business school LBS (London Business School) and CBS (Columbia business school). This partnership provide the students with unique and unmatched opportunities to know about the advanced international business experience of the important top three business centers in the world.
  • Alumni Network


Full-Time MBA – (in partnership with CBS & LBS) HK$ 450,000. The amount can be paid in three installments over one year. The amount is subjected to change with the final approval of the university.

Part-Time MBA: HK$330,000. The fee amount can be paid in six installments over two years. The amount is subjected to change with the final approval of the university.

Financial Assistance: Residents of Hong Kong may be eligible to apply for NLS Loan (The non-means tested loan scheme. For more information you can visit

Since the course is listed as reimbursement course under the Continuing Education Fund Scheme, it can provide a maximum of HKD 10,000 for the students fulfilling the criteria. More information is available on

Student Loan for part time students: Part-time KHU MBA students can apply for an educational loan at prescribed interest rates from China Construction Bank (Asia). For more details you can call the bank on 2903 8388. University not holds any responsibility in arranging the loan.

MBA Scholarships: All the full-time MBA applicants are automatically considered for the MBA scholarships and are granted to number of students based on individual merits.

Student Visa: Successful overseas applicants have to arrange for their students visas. Office of the students’ affairs will help the students in getting the visa. The Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS)  plays the role of local sponsor for international candidates and China Affairs Office is the sponsor from the Mainland students.

Requirements for admission:

Full-time and Part-time Programme

  1. Recognized bachelors degree
  2. Sufficient GMAT Score
  3. Minimum of three years full-time work experience (postgraduate)
  4. Minimum TOEFL of 550

Part-time applicants with 7 plus years full-time experience may be free from the requirement of GMAT score. More exemptions will be considered on case-by-case basis.

HKU MBA Admission procedures/guidelines:

1. Supporting documents for both Part-time and Full-time candidates

The following documents have to be submitted with the application.

  • Certified degree certificate(s) and transcript(s) of graduate and undergraduate studies (certified translation to English is must of transcripts not in English).
  • Official GMAT Report
  • Statement of English language proficiency test from TOEFL or IELTS (this is only for the applicants from institutions outside HK with English not the instruction and examination language).
  • Detailed resume
  • 2 Referees reports 

2. Interview

Full-time Candidates: Once the fully filled application form and supporting documents are submitted, admission committee will make the short-list of the candidates for interview. Personal interviews will be there for local candidates and the interview for international candidates will be conducted over phone or video conference.

Part-time candidates: Once the fully filled application form and supporting documents are submitted, admission committee will call for the shortlisted candidate for face-t0-face group interview.

Interview invitation will be sent to the email provided in the application for all the candidates. In some cases, addition documentation or interview will be needed.

3. MBA Admission decision for both Full-time and Part-time

The admission results or decisions are made available to the candidates generally within 2 to 4 weeks after interview. Decisions will be communicated to emails on the receipt of outstanding and additional documents.

Class Profile:

Male Female Ratio

Male : 51%

Female : 49%

Age Distribution

24 – 28 : 59.65%

29 – 32 : 26.32%
33 and more : 14.04%

Working Experience

About 3 years : 31.58%
4 – 7 years : 49.12%
Above 8 years : 19.30%

Average Working Experience

5.5 years

Average GMAT Score