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Deadlines & essays updated for 2021 intake

IE Spain Interview Questions


IE Spain Interview Preparation package

INR 7000
  1. Walk me through your resume.
  2. What are your hobbies.
  3. What country would you choose to travel and why?
  4. If you leave everything now and start a business what would it be? How much investment is needed.
  5. What will someone who doesn’t like you say about you?
  6. If you can go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
  7. What is it about your job that brings you stress?
  8. How many beer bottles will there be in your city on a Friday-evening?
  9. Help us understand your current job role.
  10. What will your friend say about you?
  11. If I called up your supervisor, what would he say are your strengths and weaknesses?
  12. What do you think is the weakest part of your application?
  13. Can you give an Elevator-pitch to Donald Trump
  14. What barriers will you face in switching careers? How do you plan to address them?
  15. Imagine there are 6 members in your team. Deadline for an assignment is tomorrow morning. Three agree with a approach to finish the assignment. Remaining three disagree. You are not able to convince the three members who disagree. What do you do?
  16. How was moving to India from Country X ? Will there be similar challenges if you move to Spain?
  17. What is your Plan B if you are not selected for IE Business School?
  18. Years from now there is an article on you in a magazine. What will be the title and why?
  19. How did you choose your recommenders?