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IESE Spain Interview Experiences


IESE Spain Interview Preparation package

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IESE Interview Experience 1

I was interviewed by IESE Admission Director Javior Munoz at Taj Mansingh hotel in Delhi, a day before the Assessment Day..........interview started with exchange of cards.

The guy was apparently smart and business like..........he started by telling me that he would be asking 3 very specific questions which would be followed by a general interview. come know about IESE, Why IESE, Spain, Europe
2nd......other schools I applied and status of my applications
3rd......a profile specific question

After those 3 questions...we had a usual round

  • Why engineering, why chemical and not computers engg, why IIT, why my first company...
  • Why MBA now
  • How will you contribute?
  • Views about India, Indian economy, future prospects, threats
  • Views about USA and EU economy
  • Views about Spainish economy...
  • Views about global economy.....
  • What makes me unique...?
  • Anything I would like to tell him that is not mentioned in application and in interview
  • Any questions ?

It was a conversational interview.....

One piece of advice for someone who is attending IESE interview - know about Spain, EU and IESE well.