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IIM Indore EPGP Interview Experiences


IIM I EPGP Interview Preparation package

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IIM Indore EPGP Interview Experience 1

My interview experience is as below:

Skype Interview for 20 minutes, not a stress interview. They had already viewed my profile and took interview accordingly:

2 members in the interview panel - one program Director and one senior faculty member.

  1. Why did you opt for a Skype Interview when you are in Hyderabad? You could have visited us for the interview ? Answered - That I didn't get the time to plan my travel to Indore.
  2. Why do you want to do an MBA at IIM Indore ? Answered- I said it's the most sought after program in my applications etc..
  3. You have scored 83% in 10th and 12th, why did your result go down ? - Explained.
  4. You have worked for multiple companies , which one is the most special experience ?
    Answered- Everyone is special and gained something valuable from each experience.
  5. What are your career plans after MBA ? Answered.
  6. What is the demographic dividend ? Answered.
  7. Follow up question - what has the government done to utilize demographic dividend ?
  8. Lastly, do you want to ask anything from us ? Asked- What is international immersion ?

Entire interview was smooth and there were humor moments as well, they laughed also sometimes and told me that few things you will get to know when you will be on campus. That's how it ended. Overall, positive environment during the entire interview.

Final Result: Admitted


IIM Indore EPGP Interview Experience 2

Here is my IIM Indore EPGP interview experience. Questions asked:

What is ONGC - have you heard of it?

What does it do?

Where all in India we have oil refineries ? Who owns them?

I belong to Odisha - So next question is population of Odisha?

Number of Lok sabha seats from Orissa?

2 things which are scientifically unexplainable in Puri Jagannath temple?

Population of Kolkata and West Bengal?

Estimate the total coastal area length of India?

Market share of TCS much 1 billion USD is in rupees?

If 8 people(4 couples) are coming to a room and sitting around a round table...what's probability that Husband and Wife will always sit together?

If Tesla plans to launch cars in India what all factors it has to consider? Skipped it as i dont have much knowledge about cars so they switched to bike

If Honda has to launch an off road bike, what are the 3 important things it has to consider?

Who is going to win Gujarat Election and why?

Final result : Offered admission

IIM Indore EPGP Interview Experience 3

3 professors, stressful and very serious environment.

A, B,C( Chairman EPGP)

A- Tell me about yourself

2 Cross questions on same

B- You are from Oil and Gas- Crude import bill of India.?

C- Solar plane name? did it land in India? where?

B- Your company's total revenue?-convert it in rupees? Profits?

A- why MBA

A- Why now?

A- Where do u want to work after EPGP?

C- What do you do now?

C- What is the latest JV your company did?

C- Why was your company fined?

C- Any questions for us?