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IIM Lucknow IPMX Interview Experiences

IIM Lucknow IPMX Interview Experience 1

My IIML IPMX interview started with a brief introduction. Post that following topics/ areas were discussed.

Economy indicators of India

2) What determines the exchange rate

3) Few questions on NIFTY SENSEX

4) Rank of the matrix ..determinant of a matrix

5) Explain Zeroth law of thermodynamics

6) What is thermal equilibrium ( my engg. was in Mechanical stream)

7) Mechanical and Chemical Equilibrium

8) Stable and Unstable Equilibrium

9) Repo Rate and reverse repo rate

FInal result :Offered admission

IIM Lucknow IPMX Interview Experience 2

WAT Topic: Business Sustainability is Fad. (20 mins)

Unfortunately, My turn was last in first morning session of 10 people for panel-1.
Entire Interview lasted for only 15 mins.

First few minutes were spent on the following questions.
1. Introduce yourself – only personal, no professional?
2. Why MBA ?
3. What are the global economic challenges currently being faced by the world ?

After these 3 questions, remaining time was used for verifying the documents and it took much time as I didn’t have original copy of my first company offer letter and Initial payslips.

It’s not good experience overall.


IIM Lucknow IPMX Interview Experience 3

I was asked the following questions during my IIML IPLX interview.

Q1. Tell me about yourself.
Q2. How a Chemical Engineer came in Mechanical stream.
Q3. Why MBA.
Q4. Why now.
Q5. Why Jaguar accusation is profit making and CORUS's is not.
Q6. How Commercial AC is different than Automotive.
Q8. How can a refrigerator be converted in to Room Air conditioner.
Q9. Why IPMX.
Q10. What is your goal.