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IMD Switzerland assessment day


IMD Assessment Day  Preparation package

( includes 2 mocks, case study & role play prep)

INR 14000
IMD assessment day is a rigorous complete day exercise involving various types of assessments – Interview, Individual presentation, Case study etc. Each component is designed to judge various aspects of candidate’s profile. Clear understanding of these components and preparation will certainly help you perform better.

IMD assessment day includes
1) Meet and greet: You will be greeted by adcom member or MBA recruitment officer and will be briefed about the schedule for the day.

2) Personal interview: IMD personal interview is like any other MBA interview. The interviewer makes you comfortable, interview will be conversational and typically last for 40-45 minutes. Questions are generally around professional experience, managing conflicts, post MBA goals and so on.

3) 4-5 min presentation/ Case study: You are given 30 min to read and analyse a case study and then 4-5 minutes to present your slides. Note that you are asked to prepare slides on paper/ transparencies with colored pens. While preparing for different types of cases is difficult, some practice on how to structure the thoughts, put less words on slides and including a summary etc will help you perform better. Once the individual presentations are over, the group is asked to present a summary / additional questions which they have to do together.

4) Role play: Sometimes ( as mentioned by few applicants) applicants are given a role play to judge behavioral and situational skills. e.g. Your reporting manager is trying to impose his/ her thought process on team members. There may be an observer in the room trying to assess each applicant.

5) Lunch and interaction with current students: During lunch applicants get an opportunity to interact with current students and understand their perspective on IMD MBA.

6) Attending a class: Post this applicants attended a class with current students. You will be silent observers but this will allow you to understand the teaching style and classroom environment at IMD.

Overall, IMD assessment day is an exhaustive exercise and a great opportunity at the same time.