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Imperial College Business School - MSc Business Analytics

Interviews normally happen online.Interview has a written and spoken part.

For Spoken questions, you get 30 sec to prepare and 1 minute to speak.

For written questions, you get 1 minute to prepare and 5 minute to write.

  1. How does the MSc Business Analytics from Imperial help you achieve your career goals?
  2. What modules did from your undergrad are related to this course?
  3. Why do you want to study in the UK?
  4. Why MSc Business Analytics and not an MBA?
  5. Is the logarithmic function concave or convex?
  6. What happens to a if b drops if they are uncorrelated?
  7. Tell me a time you’ve been in a team and what position did you hold?
  8. You are up for promotion in your team. Explain to your boss why you deserve a promotion
  9. Which industry is using big data most effectively?
  10. What’s the greatest problem you will deal with during this masters?
  11. Why should we offer you a place?