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Kenan Flagler Interview Experiences


Kenan Flagler Interview Preparation package

INR 7000

Kenan Flagler interview exp 1

For Class entering in 2018

Time: 30 mins
Background: 3.5 years of Operational and Engineering experience in Steel Authority of India Ltd.
9 months in Wacker Chemie AG.

The interview was relaxed and I was asked pretty basic questions

Why MBA? Why Kenan Flagler

I was surprised with this being the first question as opposed to" tell me something about yourself", I had hoped to create some background using that question. However, I answered what my post MBA career goals were and how an MBA would help me reach the goal and add on to my existing skills and strengths. I also spoke about making connections and meeting new people. Research the KFBS website for unique details about the program which help if mentioned in the interview.

Tell me about a time you faced a tough situation at work? How did you manage that?

Spoke about specific problems related to leading a team with a huge age difference. Spoke about the tough working conditions and the red tape existing in a state-owned steel plant. Try and find specific work-related examples to answer this question.

What are your post MBA career goals?

Strategy and Operations consulting. Tied my love for analyzing complex business problems and drew parallels between my present work and skills to the requisite skills in consulting. Try and rationalize your answer be specific. I was specific about my role. I mentioned the given role in Technology and or FMCG sector.

How will you cope with a wide group of nationalities you meet at KFBS and what clubs interest you at KFBS.

I talked about a career related club /consulting club and about an extracurricular club. KFBS website is your best friend, explore it and you'll be prepared for such questions. Spoke about leading an international team during my stay at Wacker and how putting across ideas and communicating freely have always been my strength.

Do you have any questions for me?

Asked about what prep I should do before coming to KFBS so that I can be well prepared for the experience. She responded in detail and a simple conversation followed.

I ended by thanking her for taking the time to interview me.

Final result : Offered Admission