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LBS Interview Experiences


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LBS Interview Experience 1

I was interviewed in Round 1 (for class entering in 2013). My interview location was alumnus’ office. I have noticed that for LSB interviews, in most cases, the interviewer and candidate are of the same gender.

The interviewer gave me a presentation topic to work on during the interview and told me that she was more interested in checking my ability to put my thoughts in a structure manner rather than my knowledge about the topic. Apart from the presentation, the other questions which were asked are:

  1. Run me through your resume
  2. Few questions related to me job experience and other things I mentioned in the application form
  3. Why MBA & Why LBS?
  4. Other schools I have applied to and which one will I choose if I get through all
  5. What if you don’t get through LBS this year and LBS asks you to apply again next year
  6. What is your leadership definition? Are you a leader?
  7. How will to contribute to peer learning at LBS
  8. Talk about your strengths & weaknesses

The interview lasted for almost 2 hours. It was a pretty exhaustive one.

LBS Interview Experience 2

Mine was an off campus interview conducted by an alumnus. I dressed up formally with a suit & tie. The interviewer was grilling me and created a stressful situation. The ordeal went for more than two hours.

Questions asked to me:

  1. Tell me about your educational background and job
  2. Why did you choose this job
  3. Why MBA now? Do you think LBS will help you in achieving your post MBA goals
  4. What if you don’t find a job post-graduation from LBS
  5. How will you ensure that you find a job post-graduation?
  6. How will you add value to your peer group at LBS apart from sharing learnings from your work experience?

There were numerous follow up questions. The interviewer gave me a presentation topic which was not on the list provided by LBS.

LBS Interview Experience 3

My interview was conducted by an alumnus. Some of the questions asked were:

  1. Why MBA, why now?
  2. Why will you choose LBS over other B-schools listed in my application?
  3. Are you team player? Give examples of situations where you have worked closely in teams
  4. How will you fund your venture and other expenses ( since I mentioned that I will be starting my venture post MBA)
  5. Is your employer’s business strategy right? i.e. Business model, market etc
  6. What are the key trends/ latest developments in your industry

Here are few topics for the presentation (I complied this from various sources)

Popular historic figures

Business ethics

Accountability in accounting scandals

Women empowerment and quota

Growth among EU countries. Which ones are growing faster and slower vs. average, and why?

Carbon emissions trading

Advantages and disadvantages of UN passport


What documentary would you make, if given a chance?

Trials against political leaders

Wikileaks. What is it? Do you support it?

Breaking health-care patents in developing countries