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Deadlines & essays updated for 2021 intake

Manchester MBA Essays & Deadlines


Manchester MBA Essay Review package

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Manchester MBA Deadlines

Round 1 (5 Oct 2020), Round 2 (2 Nov 2020), Round 3 (1 Dec 2020), Round 4 (5 Jan 2021), Round 5 (8 Feb 2021), Round 6 (15 Mar 2021), Round 7 (19 Apr 2021), Round 8 (24 May 2021), Round 9 (1 Jun 2021)

Manchester MBA Essays

These questions are designed to give you the opportunity to tell us about yourself, your professional experience and your future career goals. These questions make up an important part of your application. Please do not exceed the space provided. We require two admission essays and a presentation.

Manchester MBA Essay 1: Your Professional Experience and Achievements: Please describe and comment on your career progression to date. Please provide the dates of any promotions and details of any increased responsibility and salary. We would like to learn about the companies you have worked for, the breadth and depth of the knowledge you have acquired in the workplace, your key achievements, your management and international business experiences and the impact you have made in your different roles. Particularly highlight the parts of your career that demonstrate any of the following: Managing people (team, business area, department, company), Managing client relationships, Leading significant projects, Managing budgets, resources or processes, Defining/influencing strategy, International exposure, Entrepreneurial experience (Minimum 500 words)

Manchester MBA Essay 2: Your aspirations: What are your professional and personal aspirations and why is an MBA important in your plans? What type of industry sector(s), organisation(s) and location(s) would you ideally like to work in? How do you think your current experience combined with the Manchester Business School MBA will help you to achieve your aspirations? If you aren�t able to reach your primary goal immediately do you have a plan B?. (Minimum 300 words)

Manchester MBA Essay 3: Tell us about you: Taking into account what we currently know about you from your CV and application, we would like you to send us a presentation to share with us anything else that you would like us to know. Your presentation will be printed and reviewed by the MBA Admissions Committee. There is no right answer to this question. The presentation is a blank canvas to paint a picture that will help us to know you better. We hope to learn about your personality, what makes you stand out, what motivates and interests you and why you are the right fit for our transformational MBA. Your presentation will be evaluated not on technical expertise but on the content, creativity and your ability to express your ideas. Presentation Format: You can choose the software that works best for your creativity - PowerPoint, PDF, Word, Prezi etc. Check that your presentation is effective and the formatting preserved when printed. Please do not include motion images, videos, music or hyperlinks etc. (Maximum 4 pages/slides)

Manchester MBA Resume: Your CV/resume must include each job you have taken since graduating from your undergraduate degree (if you have one) in reverse chronological order, starting with your current position. You must include the month/year start and end date, job title, company name and salary for each position undertaken. If you have worked in more than one position for the same company please show each position separately to highlight your career progression. For each position, include bullet points of your key responsibilities and achievements. Your CV/resume should ideally be no more than two pages in length.