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Texas McCombs Interview Experiences


Texas McCombs Interview Preparation package

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Texas McCombs Interview Experience 1

Class entering in 2017

I had applied to McCombs in Round-1 and I had option of having interview with either a current 2nd year student, or an alumnus or with an Adcom member. I went for interview with Admission Director in New Delhi.
The interview was pretty simple, structured and straight. I was informed before the interview that all McCombs admission interviews are blind i.e. the interviewer has access only to my resume and none of any other application component. The interviewer started off with saying that he has a set of predefined questions based on which he’ll conduct my interview. We also discussed in brief about the terrible winter smog and pollution in Delhi, Overall, it was 30-min. interview and the questions asked in the order were:
1- Mention one project you’ve done where you’re proud of your accomplishments.
2- Some follow-up questions based on answer to above question.
3- Why do you need MBA at this point?
4- Why McCombs?
5- What if you don’t get into your target job profile? What’s backup plan?
6- Why should we take you and what are the things you can teach to your class from your experience?
7- What are the other schools you have applied to?
8- What are the strongest and weakest parts of your application?
9- What did you learn about yourself after going through the complete application process?
10- What are your hobbies and how do they help you grow?
11- Any questions for me?