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Deadlines & essays updated for 2021 intake

Melbourne Business School Essays & Deadlines


MBS Essay Review package

INR 14000

MBS Application Deadlines

Round 1 (31 Aug 2019), Round 2 (31 Dec 2019), Round 3 (31 Mar 2020)*, Round 4 (30 Apr 2020)**

* International Closing date
 ** Domestic Closing date

MBS Essays

MBS Essay 1: What are your long term career goals?

MBS Essay 2: What is unique about your background and experience that you would bring to your classmates at MBS?

MBS Essay 3: What gaps in your knowledge or skills do you hope that this program will help you to work on?

MBS Essay 4: Describe a workplace situation where you had a responsibility for managing people. Reflect on what you learned.