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Richard Ivey Sample Essays


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Richard Ivey Sample Essays

Richared Ivey Essay 1: What are your short­term career plans immediately post­MBA, and why is an Ivey MBA essential to those plans? (250 word limit)

Post MBA, I wish to work as a management consultant for a global consulting firm like Deloitte, PwC, or Bain. This will give me wide business exposure and experience that will be important for heading my long-term (5 year post MBA) goal ­ returning to my entrepreneurial business and helping them grow beyond the state of West Bengal in India.

I have six years of experience spread across Operations Management, Business Development, and Entrepreneurship. From 2012 on­wards, I have helped my family business in Real Estate and Construction expand its reach and net profit consistently. In 2014, I founded a stone mining and processing venture by taking over a defunct firm and returning it to huge profitability. Now, as I look to grow these businesses further, in both scope and reach, I find my business understanding insufficient. This is why I need an MBA. In my absence, my co­founders/family members will manage these businesses.

Ivey is essential for my plans because it will help me gain the business knowledge and the consulting skills I need. The unique Case Method will help me analyse real business problem in a hands-on manner. Ivey Leadership essentials, the Cross Enterprise module, and courses on Business Law, Analytics, and Management Consulting will help me gain consulting skills while also strengthening my entrepreneurial acumen. In just one year, Ivey, Canada’s top ranked program, will help me return to work, after understanding cross enterprise business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and consulting better.

I am excited to apply to Ivey.


Richared Ivey Essay 2: Why will your Ivey MBA classmates want to work with you on team projects? (250 word limit)

I bring many characteristics that would make my Ivey classmates choose me to work with. I have worked for a large public corporation, an established family business, and a startup. I have experience across multiple business domains ­ operations management, project management, sales, cost management, and entrepreneurship. This experience will be useful in analyzing business situations in various projects from multiple angles, strengthening the analysis of our team.

I have led teams of size 3­30, often comprised of people with vastly different backgrounds. I have worked with engineers from Finland and Japan, and understand diversity and how to leverage it. At Ivey, my teammates will find me to be someone who is not just comfortable working with people from different backgrounds, but who knows how to leverage the unique strengths and talents of different people, while also being an effective contributor himself.

Resolving interpersonal issues is a key part of creating an effective team. At ABC company, I turned around a dead company after acquiring it by effectively resolving a partnership dispute that had raged for over 5 years. I bring strong conflict management and negotiation skills to my Ivey project team.

Finally, my peers will find me pleasant to bond with outside academics too. In college, I managed multiple technical and cultural events, was editor of the college magazine, also organized many student excursions. I will contribute similarly at Ivey, and endeavor for high social popularity with my peers, to make them even more comfortable in working with me.