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Rotman Interview Experiences


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Rotman Interview Experience 1

GMAT score: 720

Profile: 2 years in telecom job, 3+ years in own venture

My interviewer was Sheldon Dookeran, Assistant Director of MBA Recruitment and Admission.

I: A very Good Afternoon Sir and thanks for inviting me for the interview.

Interviewer: It is my pleasure. So let me tell you that interviews at Rotman are bit different and informal and can be considered as an interactive session and very good opportunity to know each other personally.

Question: Please walk me through your resume.

Question: Would you start the services here in Canada or you will go back to your country?

Answer: I will go back to my country for expanding my services for the sector and then use Rotman’s global network for becoming global SCM solution providers to global manufacturers not only to telcos but also to FMCG companies like Johnson and Johnson and P&G.

Question: Since we know that you are very much interested in Rotman than other MBA programs you have applied, how do you think that Rotman can help you with the goal?

Answer: I think Rotman can help me in three aspects namely Skills, network and Brand

I explained the basic quality of Rotman that set it apart from the world is its integrative thinking which will help me bringing my thoughts into ideas. Rotman’s self-development lab will help me improve my communication skills and Rotman coreƂ curriculum will help me understand the cohesiveness of different verticals such as Finance, marketing and operations management within an organization.

Networking: Group interaction and industrial tie ups will give me a robust network across the globe. As Toronto is the financial heart and city for multiculturalism, I will get insights into cultures and business practices in different countries.

Brand: Branding will add weight when I am in front of angel investors and venture capitalist pitching for my business plan

Question: How culture and trade go hand in hand in India?

Ans: I explained him the strategies we follow during festive occasions like EID and use the number 786 for marketing strategies to attract Muslim customers.

Question: Do you think iphone would be successful in opening retail outlets in India?

Question: What about RIM?

Ans: RIM is struggling because it tried to move out of its focus which was its business class consumers, who don’t appreciate rapidly changing features but push mail.

Question: Rotman is known for diversity, how will you bring diversity to the class room?

Question: Before we close our discussion, is there any think you want to ask ?

Ans: I ask him about Roger Martin, the dean of Rotman and his research, Centre of innovation and entrepreneurship- How many successful startups are currently working coming out of this program.

Total interview duration 35-40 minutes.

He asked me to drop an email and said he will reply to my query and then I dropped him a follow up email to which he replied.

Final Result: Offered Admission