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Deadlines & essays updated for 2021 intake

SP Jain Global MBA Interview Questions


SP Jain Interview Preparation package

INR 7000

Question - Tell me your most significant achievement in work?
Question - What was the failure that you had faced and what were the learnings?
Question - 2 things you would do to increase speed of reading?...
Question – Q hobbies

Question - There is a project with no process in place... You have to put a process in place... How would you go about it?

Question - Dont you think IT is so hyped up... I mean people do not have basic necessities and all you guys do is keep talking
Question- What are your views on child labour?
Question - Pick a political issue all over the world...
Question - what is the real problem?
Question - What do you think of all these TV Serials that have come up... What kind of effect do they have on the people?
Question - Tell us about your family
Question - What is your idea of God?
Question - You are in a church and this one person is smoking while the sermon is on... What would be your take on this situation?

Round 1 (approximately 45 minutes)

1. Each candidate was asked to describe something about himself/herself that was not already in the application.

2. An open question: “Is Ratan Tata right in trying to launch a one-lac rupee car.”

3. Questions/queries to the interview panel.

Round 2 (approximately 45 minutes)

1. An open question: How important is economics in daily affairs?

2.Each candidate was asked about his/her career experience and future goal(s).

3. Questions/queries to the interview panel.