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Deadlines & essays updated for 2021 intake

AGSM Sample Essays

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AGSM Essay 1 : What are your most significant personal and professional achievements and why do you view them as such

In the last five years of my career, I have acquired in-depth exposure to and understanding of concepts such as Demand forecast, Supply Chain Planning, Capacity Planning, and Supply Chain Execution. My noteworthy accomplishments include my quick transition from technical to a business analyst, working on a project for setting up SCM systems worth US$ XXBn along with international deputations to XX Foundries in Belgium and Philippines.

Reflecting on my professional journey, I realized that my most enduring experience (transitioning from a technical to a functional and business field) and its lessons shaped me into the person I am today – optimistic, ability to face situations with equanimity, and a focused willingness to continuously learn and improve through self reflection and interaction.

While I was successful at leveraging my intellectual abilities to arm myself with adequate technical expertise, building on business concepts, strategies, and processes without a formal guidance required a determined effort. Nevertheless, I ensured that I learned from my peers and successfully achieving this expertise in quick time became a milestone in my career, earning me credibility and goodwill.

Recognizing my efforts, I received the opportunity to attend two onsite deputations back-to-back where I had to deal with the real business and had the opportunity to contribute and learn in diverse areas such as Supply Chain and Production Operations. These deputations enhanced my ability to work in challenging cross-cultural environments. I received great appreciation and awards for my outstanding work.

I bring unique perspectives of leadership, innovation and cross cultural sensitivity to the class. My ability to lead a project in crisis situation, ability to add value in complex situations and my experience of working in a multi-cultural environment will be very valuable to the class.

AGSM Essay 2 : Describe a situation where leadership and teamwork were critical to the outcome.

I never hesitated to take leadership when the situation demanded. During an on-call training session I felt my team team was not adding value and lacked understanding of the business system. Though being a junior member of the team and thought it was not expected of me, I stepped in to take initiative and concluded the training process very successfully. As I had no prior experience of dealing with the business, I just took it as a challenge and trusted my ability and aptitude. The initiative from my side led to extreme customer delight for which I received several accolades from my team members and clients.

My team skills were greatly enhanced while working on a very challenging implementation project at XX. During the Go-Live phase of XX, a new organization formed by carving out the Memory Chip division of XX, absolute synchronization of more than 350+ applications involved was critical. This required great coordination within and across the teams. My expert knowledge and in-depth understanding of the functional landscape made me instrumental in coordinating the entire process flow and data from other teams. For our efforts we were recognized as the best team within XX for the excellence we displayed.

Moreover for my contribution I was given the opportunity to visit the XX Foundries and work in the user’s environment with ample client exposure. I was the focal point and facilitated the successful coordination between the onsite and offshore teams, ensuring that we deliver the customer requirements on time.

Becoming an AGSM MBA student implies membership of a distinguished community. Describe how you will contribute to the community during your time as a student and beyond. Describe what community spirit means to you.

Becoming an AGSM MBA student is a great honour as it gives an opportunity to be a part of such a distinguished group that will proffer me expertise to broaden my vision and hone my skills.
I have been contributing to the community on a continuous basis by associating with organizations such as Greenpeace and Teach for India India.

Having witnessed a close family members long and courageous battle against a terminal illness, I grew up determined and passionate about helping the aged. Given that, about 90 million impoverished senior citizens reside in India, I decided to work with XX and worked on a project on “Elder Abuse in our Society”, which aimed at improving the condition of the Senior Citizens in the society. This is an important factor in our continuing education and herein stems my motivation to continue contributing to my community.

At AGSM leveraging my management expertise, I intend to generate more awareness on sustainable and green development amongst corporations.

Professionally I will explore to see if Green concepts can be imbibed into SCM and also explore opportunities to promote sustainable manufacturing practices amongst large corporations. I will also further the concepts like SCOR that promote inclusivity and integration of environmental process and metrics into supply chain planning.

In my view a true manager is one who is able to perpetuate sustainable development and is able to meet today’s needs without compromising tomorrow’s future. Through my involvement in the community, I have come to understand that community service and volunteerism expand one's consciousness to the point where one is able to perceive and palpably feel the connection with all humanity, encouraging people to look beyond themselves.