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Cornell Johnson Sample Essays

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Career Choice Essay : How would you characterize your career since college?

The most significant characteristic of my career thus far has been “Courageousness”, which ultimately paved way for leadership and innovation.

I found courage in preparedness and requested a skip-level meeting to discuss my aspirations to lead Customer module for XX. After three rounds of grueling interviews, I was appointed as the youngest module lead with an experience of 1.5 years. That one step opened a plethora of opportunities. I successfully delivered the module and participated in the CMMI-5 certification audit process with the senior management hence gaining firsthand perspective on importance of process and productivity in driving organizational effectiveness.

The courage transformed into leadership and I joined a social start-up, where I led the EMS Response project from inception to execution and increased the efficiency of life saving operations by 66%. I not only worked on an exemplary business model but also enriched it by overcoming significant challenges to integrate social helpline with the existing infrastructure.

At XX, I have built, nurtured and mentored the Asian Valuation team. I prepared a strategic roadmap focused on recruitment, mentoring and implementation of Lean best practices, leaving Valuations the only team without a dedicated manager till date. Within a year, we delivered major releases that transformed the risk estimation procedures at XX and also facilitated adoption of “lean” transformation at  the global level.

A significant aspect of my job profiles has been a futuristic perspective, which has empowered me to design my own career path aimed at furthering my long-term goals. Courageousness, leadership and innovation have been the cornerstone of my career and I have reflected on these on a daily basis in my roles of a consultant at a giant multinational, a project lead at a social enterprise and a Business Analyst at an Investment Bank.

Career Goal Essay Tell us about your short and long term career goals.

During my first assignment with XX, working with management consultants, their big picture thinking, structured thought process and personal maturity inspired me. These professional traits resonated with my interests, passion and motivation in life. It was here that I developed a blueprint for my career aimed at garnering relevant experience, enhancing it with world-class education, and gaining organizational level strategy expertise to eventually launch my own management consulting firm with a focus on emerging markets.

In the first stage, I undertook diverse assignments in technology and strategy consulting at social start-ups as well as multinationals and the world’s biggest bank, building a comprehensive knowledge base in strategy, technology, finance and management.

I’m at a stage in my career when I’m prepared to nurture my diverse experiences in their proper context. Through Johnson’s comprehensive curriculum aimed at consulting and finance, I seek to develop expertise in strategy development, competitive positioning and developing organizational effectiveness. Through the unique “Immersion learning” program in Consulting and by taking leadership in Johnson’s renowned consulting club, I will enhance these skills and align them in the right direction to build a strong consulting career. My interaction with Nalinikanth Gollagunta, Johnson graduate 2005, further helped me gain insights into esteemed consulting faculty and invaluable real world experiences at Johnson.

Upon graduation, I aspire to join a reputed consulting firm, such as Booz, McKinsey or Bain. The experience of not just leading, but building teams and optimizing processes for Fortune 100 organizations as well as for emerging SMEs, coupled with an all-round business knowledge gained at Johnson will enable me to comprehend a variety of business complexities and their solutions. Associations that I will create at Johnson, particularly at Emerging Market Institute will take me one step closer to my long-term aspirations. I’m thrilled to take my knowledge to the next level by undertaking a consulting project at BRConsulting.

In the next 20 years, SMEs are expected to be primal drivers of the unprecedented economic growth in emerging markets. Initially, I would like to consult multinational subsidiaries looking at expanding their market share into emerging markets. Then, using my exposure, experience and skill-set; I would like to combine business consulting with strategic implementation to provide turnkey solutions to help Small and Medium Enterprise move up the value chain. Through my Management consulting firm, organizational and networking skills, I’m confident of transforming today’s emerging market SMEs into  tomorrow’s Fortune 500 corporations.

Essay : What does diversity mean to you and how will you contribute to the diversity of our community at Johnson?

Diversity to me is a choice of visualizing and stepping beyond the immediate boundaries, recognizing and accepting many possibilities and being open to the many contrasting differences in thought process, culture, beliefs, ethnicity etc.

Studying at the best boarding school in the country with international students body and exchange students from the likes of Eton, I realized that personal diversity is a choice and that I was poised to take advantage of my diverse environment to develop multifaceted experiences. Here, I would participate in international school conclave with representatives from 13 nationalities and the subsequent week I would find myself rebuilding a flood-affected village in remote villages in India. My life since then has been a cavalcade of diverse experiences.

The culture within Johnson promotes inclusion and is based on the same values of collaboration and adaptation that form the cornerstone of my life so far. Using my experiences in working with NGOs and self-help groups (SHGs) in India, I aspire to establish a community at Johnson, keen to undertake pro-bono consulting projects assisting SHGs in running their activities professionally, in turn learning some incredible lessons in micro-finance. I see myself as an integral part of Centre for Sustainable Global Enterprise, where I can share my experiences on working with XX ‘s unique cross-subsidy sustainable business model and use my association in the Social-enterprise and non-profit sector in India to create sustainable partnerships.

Having worked with the global executives across four continents at XX for their expansion plans in India, I bring firsthand perspective on how MNC’s are innovating and bring unconventional customized solutions to the table, their challenges and evolution in an emerging market like India. As a co-founder of India’s first community driven Youth publication, aimed at Youth empowerment, I have amplified the skills to work in a high energy team, ideate, collaborate, plan, research to extreme end and develop niche models.

Through my challenging experiences I have made a choice to learn and grow, and embrace diversity. I bring a certain amount of distinctiveness to the Cornell community that will help me to uniquely participate in the classroom discussions, case studies and student clubs. As a sportsman, I wish to establish a horse-riding club at Johnson. I can barely wait to ride Carl at the Cornell horse garden and run alongside fellow Cornellians.