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Deadlines & essays updated for 2021 intake

Hult Sample Essays

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Please describe your short-term (within five years) and long-term professional goals.

  • How will your current professional experience contribute to these plans
  • What skill set will you need to achieve these goals
  • How will Hult International Business School help you attain these goals

My Post MBA Goals:

Over the last several years I have gained substantial experience in the technology industry. Through commitment, perseverance and my deep dive domain technology skills I was fortunate to have an accelerated career path and have moved up the corporate ladder from a plain vanilla technology professional to that of a manager – leading geographically diverse teams. . Over the years I have led large transformational projects for Fortune 500 corporations. I now want to move up the corporate ladder and take up more challenging responsibilities. Post MBA my short-term goal is to pursue a career as a client facing engagement manager and lead large client relationships. I am excited about this role because of the potential the role has in terms of creating value both to my organization and my client. In the long run I want to be an Entrepreneur developing technology products.

My Significant Career Experiences:

hree year back I was given an assignment to start an ODC for a Swiss Financial client. The intention was to rationalize It costs for the client and in turn help build a sustainable revenue stream from the company. On this assignment I have traveled to Australia and worked closely with client and have managed to win their confidence. This experience enabled me to gain skill sets in the area of leadership, team management and client management. The international experience also exposed me to doing business and leading teams in a multi cultural environment. I believe this experience is very valuable for my evolution as a client facing manager and believe will be of great learning value to my peers when shared with them at Hult. I bring significant leadership skills to the school and believe can lead student activities in the campus with renewed vigor.

I have been instrumental in building teams from scratch. After coming back to India, I have taken leadership of all deliverables to the Swiss client. In the last one year I have grown my team from a one member team to a 15 member strong team. I trained them on the project, technologies, and process and have seen that our project and organizational processes are best in class etc.  I have been successful in ensuring quality client deliverables and have been instrumental in adding tremendous value to the clients business. The relationship which started with one project has grown by leaps and bounds and today the client has agreed to outsource more work in new areas like consulting and data warehousing. These initiatives have resulted in my company realizing huge down-stream revenue from this relationship. As a testament to my client management and team management skills, the client awarded us a 9.5/10 in the annual client rating survey. I believe I bring in strong organizational and people management skills. These skills will put me in good stead in my future role as a client facing executive post MBA. I will look to leverage my people management and organization skills in Hult and will tale leadership in several student and club activities on Campus. I will ensure that there will learning’s both within and outside of the class.

As an engineering major in college, I developed excellent analytical skills and improved my problem-solving ability. During my tenure as IT Project manager I have developed strong technical experience and diversified range of skill-sets such as planning, execution, negotiation, staff management. I acquired international experience through staying and traveling around Asia, Europe and North America. At Hult and in my post MBA roles I can bring to the table these skills and believe these experiences will be the key enabling factors helping me achieve my goal

Need for an MBA:

However, in order to become a stellar client facing executive in the IT industry I will need to gain critical skill sets in many new areas. I believe I will need to develop deep dive insights into areas such as finance, accounting, marketing, and other core business areas. In order to become a successful client facing executive, it is imperative that I gain cross industry and cross functional perspective and also gain deep dive perspectives on  global markets, business technology, and competition. I believe that the management core at Hult ―one of the best business-strategy school in the world― will provide me with the necessary knowledge to enhance and develop my capabilities. The opportunity to enrich my knowledge of these fundamental disciplines, within an educational context that emphasis the importance of global business and internationalism is what draws me to Hult.

How Hult Will Help Me Move Up The Corporate value Chain and Ultimately Transition As An Entreprneur:

Hult ‘s unique curriculum is specifically tailored to meet my educational requirements.  First, one-year program expose me to a broad array of courses cultivating fundamental business analysis skills. Second the Strategy concentration curriculum with international strategy, strategy implementation, and international operations management will allow me to develop in-depth understanding of corporate strategy principles. In specific terms, it will fulfill the following strategic needs

Cross-cultural learning needs: Hult International Business School provides the ideal opportunity to explore innovative ideas with a diverse and global student body.

Strategic partnerships / global network: I would like to forge alliances with like-minded individuals who are ready to come on board with me for such an exciting opportunity.

Vibrant global community: Access to Halt‘s unrivaled global community is a treasure for a lifetime. I want to learn as much outside the classroom as inside.

Learning in a practical and global setting: I believe that Hult offers significant opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge into practical settings through its case based study approach. The diversity of the class will help me in gaining new global perspectives because of the cross industry perspectives of my peers.

My value Addition To The Hult Learning Environment:

I believe that I bring significant value addition to the learning environment at Hult. I bring a mix of deep dive understanding of the technology sector and also an appreciation and sensitivity to diversity.  I have worked extensively across 3 continents over 10 years and bring significant experience and understanding of working in a multi-cultural environment. I will bring perspectives f working and leading international teams to the class. My work background in IT and continually working in cutting edge technology can add value to class on how technology can be leveraged to build competitive differentiation to the class.

I truly believe that the two years spent at Hult will be transformational in nature and will be an inflexion point on my career.