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Deadlines & essays updated for 2021 intake

IIMA PGPX Sample Essays

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What do you expect to gain from the PGPX Programme at IIMA?

Post MBA, I want to take up a middle management role in operations in Retail or Real estate industry. I strongly believe that PGPX will play a major role in the transition of my career to a mid-management operations role and also enable me to achieve my short & long term goals.

In the Army I have led large teams of 60-150 men in very challenging situations and environments ranging from inhospitable terrain of Thar Desert to counter insurgency operations in mountains of J&K. I have been instrumental in planning and supervising various movements of men & material including one in which I planned & supervised movement of 250 vehicles, 800 men, 3000 KGs of ammunition & 36 heavy artillery guns (weighing 400 KGs each) over a distance of 1500 KMs. I have forecasted, sourced & stacked ration, clothing and personal equipment for 500 people, & spares, tools, fuel & lubricants for 120 vehicles. I have constantly revisited & revised my units Standard Operation Procedures for various processes. These stints enabled me to gain deep insights into operations management & honed my skills in it. Along with these, the responsibility of maintaining 2 outposts in J&K guarding the LoC has imbibed in me a very strong crisis management and leadership skills in highly volatile environments.

Leveraging my leadership and operations experience in the army, I wanted to take up greater challenges in the area of operations & man management.  The HR operations role at Randstad was something new & different and I loved the challenge of doing it as varied assignments came my way at Randstad.

In XX, I am responsible for HR operations for XX & XX region. The last 21 months have been very exciting & transformational. I have got a unique opportunity to leverage the rigor, process orientation & disciplined approach of the Indian Army and apply it in a corporate setting. Under my leadership we conduct over 10,000+ CV reviews, and 2500+ interviews. By leveraging the rigor, process orientation and disciplined approach of India Army, I have revamped hiring and on-boarding processes which improved the productivity of HR team, quality of process and business results and I also improved many other HR processes which improved HR team’s turn around time. In one year, the new hiring process saved 800 man hours amongst 4 people in XX & XX alone which has helped HR team in providing substantial recruitment support to Business. These experiences have enabled me to gain a strong grounding in the corporate environment and also enabled me to inculcate the best of the Army as well as the corporate environment in me. I do believe I bring unique insights of strategy, leadership and innovation to IIM-A

I believe that my strength lies in Operations and I want to leverage my deep domain expertise garnered through my Army as well as the corporate stint and evolve as a middle management professional in an operations role in Retail or Real-Estate industry vertical. In the long run, I envision myself as innovative operations management professional in the industry adorning a CXO role in an Indian multi-national.

Through courses such as Supply chain Management, Logistics Management & Retailing management, I can build skills which will be very important for success in operations role in retail & real estate industries. As I will join middle/senior management role, a 360° perspective is must and that’s why building my skills in areas such as corporate finance, Strategy, Business intelligence is imperative. IIMA will help fast track learning through case study based curriculum and also help me gain cross-industry and cross-functional perspective from the diverse backgrounds of my peers.


Results speak: More than 5 admits to IIM A PGPX Class starting in 2020.

  • Anindya Sengupta - IIMA PGPX 2020 Admit

  • Shankar Mohan - IIMA PGPX 2020 Admit


Results speak: More than 5 admits to IIM A PGPX Class starting in 2019.

  • Rohan Kawley - IIMA PGPX 2019 Admit

  • Karan Yadav - IIMA PGPX 2019 Admit

  • Mukul Tripathi - IIMA PGPX 2019 Admit

  • Vishal Parasher - IIMA PGPX 2019 Admit

  • Praveen Singh - IIMA PGPX 2019 Admit


Results speak: More than 7 admits to IIM A PGPX Class starting in 2018.

  • ISB success story-Nishant

    Nishant Parashar IIMA PGPX 2018 Admit

  • ISB success story-Neha

    Neha Arora IIMA PGPX 2018 Admit

  • Nitin Goyal IIMA PGPX 2018 Admit

  • Nikunj Agarwal IIMA PGPX 2018 Admit

  • Pankaj Gupta IIMA PGPX 2018 Admit


Results speak: More than 5 admits to IIM A PGPX Class starting in 2017.

  • ISB success story-Sunny

    Sunny Goel IIMA PGPX 2017 Admit

  • ISB success story-Naveen SG

    Naveen SG IIMA PGPX 2017 Admit

  • ISB success story-Shalini Tiwari

    Shalini Tiwari IIMA PGPX 2017 Admit

  • ISB success story-Bhanu Pandey

    Bhanu Pandey IIMA PGPX 2017 Admit


Results speak: More than 5 admits to IIM A PGPX Class starting in 2016.

  • ISB success story-amit

    Suman Saha IIMA PGPX 2016 Admit

  • ISB success story-sujay

    Abhinav Gaiha IIMA PGPX 2016 Admit

  • ISB success story-amit

    Rupesh Singh IIMA PGPX 2016 Admit

  • ISB success story-sujay

    Sumit Srivastava IIMA PGPX 2016 Admit

  • ISB success story-amit

    Tushar Shankar IIMA PGPX 2016 Admit