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Deadlines & essays updated for 2021 intake

IIM Bangalore EPGP Sample Essays

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Statement Of Purpose:

Post MBA, I want to take up a middle management role in operations in Retail or Real estate industry. I strongly believe that EPGP will be a catalyst in helping me transform to a middle-management professional.

In the Army, I have extensive leadership and operations management experience. I have led large teams of 60-150 men in very challenging and tough environments. For e:g In XX, under Operation XX I led a XX men unit at a vulnerable place near Line-of-Control between India-Pakistan. Before I took that responsibility in that area, there was a recent terrorist-attack which took lives of xx soldiers. For that tenure, my sole objective was to ensure no casualties and that was possible only when troops were engaged, trained and motivated. I trained them by organizing regular patrolling, ambush and Quick-reaction-team drills. I engaged them by organizing games competition, mandir parades and movies. I motivated them by regularly organizing motivation session where I spoke to them. After tremendous hard work I achieved my objective and I was awarded a medal by the President for my service in that area.

In Army, I have also been instrumental in planning and supervising various movements of men and material including movement of 250 vehicles, 800 men, 3000 KGs of ammunition and 36 artillery guns (weighing 400 KGs each) over a distance of 1500 KMs. I have forecasted, sourced ration, clothing and personal equipment for 500 people, and spares, tools, fuel and lubricants for 120 vehicles. I have constantly revisited and revised my units Standard Operation Procedures for various processes. These stints enabled me to gain deep insights into operations management and honed my skills in it.

Leveraging my leadership and operations experience in the army, I wanted to take up greater challenges in the area of operations and man management. The HR operations role at Randstad was something new and different and I loved the diversity of the Job.

The last 21 months at XX have been very exciting and transformational. I had a unique opportunity to leverage the rigor, process orientation and disciplined approach of the Indian Army and apply it in a corporate setting. Under my leadership we conducted over 10,000+ CV reviews, and 2500+ interviews. I have also revamped hiring and on-boarding processes that improved the process quality, productivity of HR team and business results of my organization. I also improved many other HR processes helping reduce TAT. In one year, the new hiring process saved over 800 man hours helping HR team in providing substantial recruitment support to Business. These experiences have enabled me to gain a strong grounding in the corporate environment and also enabled me to inculcate the best of the Army as well as the corporate environment in me. I do believe I bring unique insights of strategy, leadership and innovation to IIM-B.

I believe that my strength lies in Operations and I want to leverage my deep domain expertise garnered through my Army as well as corporate stint and evolve as a middle management professional in an operations role in Retail or Real-Estate industry. In the long run, I envision myself as a CXO responsible for operations in an Indian MNC.

Through courses such as Supply chain Management, Operations Management and Technology and Operations Strategy, I will build skills that are very important for success in an operations role. Building skill sets in the areas of corporate finance, Strategy, Macro economics is imperative to gain a 360° perspective of business and to transition into a senior management role.  Along with comprehensive project that will give me opportunity to work on a live issue, IIM-B will also help me gain cross-industry and cross-functional perspective from the diverse backgrounds of my peers.