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Deadlines & essays updated for 2021 intake

Queens Canada Sample Essays

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Queens Canada Essay 1: We would like to understand your short and long-term career goals. Please describe where you see yourself in 5 years and 10 years time and identify how you see the Queen's MBA program assisting in these goals.

Driven by consumption lead growth, India is expected to emerge as a TOP automobile market in the world. Consequently the Indian auto component industry is also destined to grow to a $100 Billion industry by 2020.

Post QSB, I wish to take a leadership role in my family business. In the last two years, I have undertaken various transformational initiatives in the area of quality and productivity improvement. These initiatives have enabled AACL (Aditi Automobile Corporation) to emerge as one of the leading, cost efficient manufacturers of automotive gears in the Asian region.

In the next five years I plan to leverage the superior manufacturing capabilities and product lines of AACL and hope to transform AACL to a $100 Million entity by 2018. In the short span I envisage to employ a two pronged strategy to improve our market share – One through expansion of our target markets and two by expanding the current product line. My focus will also be directed towards increasing margins through significant forward and backward integration. As a move towards backward integration I have already drawn blueprints to own an in-house forging facility that will positively impact profit margins by about 100 Bps and will be executed in next three years.

In order to increase the technical competence of our products I also intend to establish technical collaboration and JV with leading European and Japanese based gear manufacturers such as XX, YY .On the sourcing side, I plan to explore new vendor relationships in China and Thailand to reduce component costs.

In the coming 10 years I seek to further increase profitability through greater sales volume obtained from new products and new markets. I plan to open up a new manufacturing facility in Vietnam to cater to the international needs of our customer. Also, I plan to supply forgings from our own in-house facility to other gear manufacturing companies thereby effectively spreading the fixed costs of our plant. I am very passionate about the prospects for AACL and my vision is to establish AACL as the world’s most sophisticated and respected manufacturers of automotive gears.

I strongly believe that the one year at QSB will be both personally and professionally transformational for me. The concept of Team- based learning will help me develop interpersonal and leadership skills that are essential for me to eveolve as competent leader. At QSB I will be exposed to changing group dynamics which will help me to learn the human  aspect involved in problems which may seem purely  technical. Idea of having personal coaches at  QSB appears to be path breaking and urges me to believe that such kind of revolutionary coaching technique will help me in realizing  my full  potential. I am confident that I will contribute to the learning environment at QSB and gain in as much measure from its diverse and stimulating learning atmosphere.

Queens Canada Essay 2: Please tell us what you would contribute to non-academic life as a member of the Queen's School of Business community. (Not to exceed 500 words)

Upon graduating from XX University, I joined our family business – Aditi Automotive Corporation Limited (AACL) – in the CEO’s office. Automotive industry in India is profoundly male dominated so is our family business. Women represented only 2% of entire workforce. The environment which initially appeared alien to me so much so that I gave a rethought to my decision to actually join the auto-ancillary industry. However, the innate entrepreneurship in me didn’t allow me to budge from my earlier stand , so I stayed back and moved ahead. One thing which I carried along with me as I moved ahead in my career was my desire of contributing to the cause of introducing women in those industries which had minimal women representation and perceived to be not their cup of tea. Owing to my efforts we have been able to slowly induct women into our workforce and today I can proudly say that, women constitute about 8% of the workforce and still increasing as I write this essay

QSB emerges as great opportunity for me to realize my dreams. At QSB I will hone my skills further and attain a mind of a leader which will establish me as a leader to reckon. I want to contribute to QSB’s initiative to help women move up the corporate ladder by being a member of Women of Influence Luncheon Series and Forte Foundation. As a women entrepreneur belonging to a non-conventional industry I can share my learning’s and experiences with fellow peers. I believe by sharing the challenges faced by me I can inspire women to achieve success in their respective fields.

As a member of these programs I can network with peers and build a strong foundation where I can help other women achieve growth in their firms. I can also contribute by bringing more sponsorships and promoting these women centric programs. Through the association with a Forte foundation and QSB, I will look to start a Women centric Center of Excellence that will discuss, debate and actionize initiatives that will help women (especially in emerging markets) be part of the corporate workforce. I will look to work with associations, governments and NGO’s using QSB’s and Forte foundations good offices to further this movement. I am very positive about achieving this using the goodwill of the QSB brand and help Queens reinforce its position in the academic world for supporting market relevant initiatives.

Queens Canada Essay 3 : Tell us something about yourself that we would not find on your resumé. (Not to exceed 500 words)

I realized my passion and fascination for Painting at the tender age of 10. Since then painting has been very close to my heart and a source of inspiration for me to think out of the box in many situations. Most people believe that painting is a nature’s gift to mankind but I believe that, though it may be a gift to start with but, one can polish his or her abilities and skills as one practice more and more.

Through the time spent on painting I have learnt how to relentlessly keep reshaping my ideas till I get the perfect picture. Expert critique has helped me acknowledge criticism and improve upon weaker areas both in art as well as in professional world. Painting to me is a journey of discovery of myself. Painting is a medium to express my thoughts and emotions in a creative manner. It also enables me to touch someone’s hear and soul and creates an ability to change things around me. I also draw huge inspiration from painting when I am able to move somebody’s feelings through my work of art.

Inspiration in my view is not something that happens in the head, but in the heart. I love travelling and exploring new places. Observing and exploring these places have always inspired me to paint. A beautiful cloudy day or even a single drop of water is inspiring enough to help me portray my creativity on the canvas. It also allows me to share a part of myself and my world view with others and through this medium I also encourage others to do the same.

I am also inspired by the artwork of famous Dutch Impressionist Painter Vincent Van Gogh. His use of bold colours and brush style is captivating and exciting to me. I find his art piece named “ The Starry Night” as the most stirring. Van Gogh said “The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting” and that is how I also describe my passion towards painting.

I mostly like to work in the oil medium because it brings more depth and creativity to my work. The collection of my artwork consists of pieces screening   breathtaking landscapes  and still life. I am fond of  experimenting  with different kind of painting techniques such as different brush strokes, using tools such as painting knives, sponges to bring about striking textures   and patterns in my paintings.

I believe that it takes imagination and creativity to discover opportunities for growth and turn ideas into action. Precisely the journey that I will embark upon in ABC post my MBA