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Deadlines & essays updated for 2021 intake

Dartmouth Tuck Interview Questions


Tuck Interview Preparation package

INR 7000
  1. Walk me through your resume and talk about the professional experience you have.
  2. What do you see yourself doing immediately after graduation and in the longer term
  3. Why do you feel that you need an MBA?
  4. Tell me about your team experiences and how they have influenced you
  5. What do you do apart from work?
  6. What do you want to do after business school?
  7. Why do you need an MBA?
  8. Why Tuck?
  9. How will you fit in at Tuck?
  10. What classes and initiatives at Tuck specifically interest you?
  11. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  12. What’s unique about you that you can add to the Tuck culture and environment?
  13. What kind of leader are you? Tell me about a time when you have been a leader.
  14. How should members of a team deal with teammates who are not contributing?
  15. What are your goals - Why is it not possible to achieve it without an MBA
  16. Tell me about a situation where you had a difficult boss.
  17. How will you handle differences in your study group, for ex: Language
  18. When you'll join Tuck, you'll be put into groups. What will be your approach if your team is not able to accomplish a task on time.
  19. What do you do for fun?
  20. What questions do you have for me?